Jake Weston

As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, the music-driven mindset is deeply seeded in Jake's roots.  A guitarist by default, a saxophonist, a synthesist & a modest pianist, Jake has been a musician at the core since the age of seven.

Jake specializes in composing for film, TV, commercials, and library music.  His recent work includes composing additional music for THE BOYS and GEN V, on Amazon Prime.  He has written commercial demos for name brands including Nissan, Chase Bank, Hubspot, Samsung, Dell, and more.  He also writes for music libraries and trailer companies including Hypersonic Music (distributed by Universal Music), Audio Attack, The Music Supervisors, and more.  

Currently, Jake lives in New York City, working as a freelance film composer and recording engineer.  He is always working with directors for features, shorts, series and other formats of film.  On top of that, he works at John Marshall Media, a Grammy winning audiobook studio, recording with the industry's leading narrators.