Jake Weston

As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, the music-driven mindset is deeply seeded in Jake's roots.  A guitarist by default, a saxophonist, a synthesist & a modest pianist, Jake has been a musician at the core since the age of seven.  Now, with a B.M. in Music Production, with focuses on film scoring, audio engineering, & songwriting, Jake continues his search for musical fulfillment.

Utilizing every musical opportunity is a priority for Jake; from playing with touring bands, to scoring short films, to producing local artists, to recording live shows, to playing in wind ensembles, & to mixing rising talent.  As a master of audio trades, a one-man band, Jake has been professionally trained in skills in order to thrive in the music and audio industry.  

Currently, Jake lives in New York City, working as a freelance film composer and recording engineer.  Jake has been busy with composing; scoring films, short films, and commercials.  On top of that, he works at John Marshall Media, a Grammy winning audiobook studio, recording with the industry's leading narrators.