Jake Weston, Music Addict

As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, the music-driven mindset is deeply seeded in Jacob's roots.  A guitarist by default, a saxophonist, a synthesist & a modest pianist, Jacob has been a musician at the core since the age of seven.  Now, with a B.M. in Music Production, with focuses on film scoring, audio engineering, & songwriting, Jacob continues his search for musical fulfillment.

Utilizing every musical opportunity is a priority for Jacob; from playing with touring bands, to scoring short films, to producing local artists, to recording live shows, to playing in wind ensembles, & to mixing rising talent.  As a master of audio trades, a one-man-band, Jacob has been professionally trained in skills in order to thrive in the music industry.  

Currently, Jacob works under Velvet Green Music, composing and mixing cinematic underscore music available for licensing. He is also keeping busy through scoring multiple films, a series, and a documentary soon to be released (2021-2022).  

| Producer |

Making the artist feel comfortable while extracting that sound is where I thrive. For me, the artists’ vision comes first, then moving onto devolving the music further. I have a wide variety of experience producing artists from alternative rock, to rap, and mainstream pop. The role as a producer is my favorite to assume and what most consider my strength.

Mixing is like a puzzle to me; it’s where the fun is. I have experience mixing in Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools across Waves, Soundtoys and iZotope plug-ins. I am a perfectionist when it comes to mixing; I want my product I deliver to exceed expectations.


| Composer |

I write music daily- from cinematic to lo-fi to alternative rock to beats. My specialty is in creating orchestral hybrid cinematic music that flows and evolves. I do not discriminate against any genre, and I am constantly searching for new combinations of sounds to create music with. I use many sample libraries including Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments, 8dio, and Heavyocity.

Above all, I am an instrumentalist. I have been playing the guitar since I was 7, the alto saxophone since I was 13, and the piano since I was 15. I have experience playing in jazz bands, ensembles, rock bands and professional gigs. I play an instrument everyday- it helps me to escape into a world I never want to leave.